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Point Break (making of and whatnot) · 06/24/2004

2:44pm – Point Break: “Making Of” Featurette Keanu (among other things) answers somewhat “Who is Johnny Utah?” – but we can never fully know, can we?

2:49pm – “Point Break”, 1991

Matt had forgotten about the training sequence in the beginning of this movie. Silly guy, bad memory on that kid. This is when we see just how good Johnny Utah really is. He hits 100% of his targets, showing us that he is just as good of a special agent as he is a quarterback punk.

Man, I love John C. McGinley. He adds a spunky touch to every role he tackles: “Young, dumb and full of cum…. guess we must have ourselves an asshole shortage.” and Keanu’s response: “Not so far”

Why is it that Gary Busey looks so much like Nick Nolte? It gets confusing sometimes.

2:55 – We have our first robbery scene. It harkens back to the good old days of “Brotherhood,” when they made their first hit. And we end with a Nixon two handed peace sign “I’m not a crook”, but this one adds a mooning with a big old “Thank you” on the rear.

“Apparently my job is to stay awake and bring you motherfuckers food.” – Matt I’m just so glad that he finally figured out his lot in life.

I am a bit disturbed by the lack of attention to detail. A key point in figuring out that the Dead Presidents are surfers is the tan line on the guy who mooned at the bank robbery. It is clear in the bank video reel that his shirt is above his pant line, but in the real action that we saw, the robber’s shirt tail was covering his tan line. This movie just isn’t what I remembered.

Just realized (well it just dawned on me) that Keanu has lied about his parents dying in car wrecks in two movies now, both times to pick up the girl. In “Young Again” he tells the daughter of his adult self’s high school girlfriend that his parents died in a car accident (and then later a plane accident when a plane hit the car they were in), and he lies to the surfer girl in “Point Break” using his dead parents to appeal to her sentimentality about why he wants to surf while convincing her to teach him.

Ah, we just caught the reason this movie is called “Point Break.” The forensics team identified which beach the Presidents surf at, and when Keanu finds out he says “nice point break” about it. It is all coming together now.

Ah yes, the appearance of Anthoney Keidis as a surf punk. It is a classic moment of Keanu getting into some trouble with some tough guys, but able to get out of it with a little help from his friends.

Youngblood/Point Break Patrick Swayze/Keanu Reeves one/two combo punch That is my summary when Matt reminded me to comment on the fact that Patrick Swayze and Keanu are back together again after a long hiatus since “Youngblood” to work together in this classic work of art. Do you think the Swayziac & Keanu were chatty on the set of “Youngblood” (which I still maintain might not actually be the Rob Lowe character’s name, but a metaphor/nickname that they just put on the back of his jersey) or did Swayze (already established somewhat) even give Keanu the time of day? And why hasn’t there been a reteaming (Pointblood/Youngbreak, anyone?) of this dynamic duo? I think I remember reading Swayze was originally offered the role of Trinity in the “Matrix,” but turned it down.

CKPL: “Goosebumps”

Got a classic Busey-looking-for-his-dog-named-“Scooby” while guy-puts-beer-in-the-cereal-a-l�-“RevengeOfTheNerds” scene – great stuff, but sometimes I worry I’ve seen it in too many movies – seems a little trite at times, but still gets me every time.

One thing that really bothers me about this scene is that once it is all over, the FBI comes in and complains that they had a guy deep undercover who was casing the drug dealers. Now, my question is, why don’t the departments within the FBI work better together to figure out what is going on? If the FBI knew these guys were small time drug dealers, then Busey never would have had to kill that guy (a la: “The last time you had a hunch, I had to kill a guy.”) Just upsets me, you know?

Apparently it is Tom Sizemore who was working deep (deeeeeeeep) undercover.

3:47 – nip. 3:48 – double nip. 3:58 – discussion of potential metaphors implied by the use of the President masks. Was an early Ronald Reagan campaign slogan (maybe in his failed 1976 run?) “I’ll set fire to your car”? Did Ronnie ever say, “Don’t shoot me, I have eyes behind this mask?” Keanuthon is taking a political turn right when it always does, in the middle of Point Break.

4:04 – bootie!!

4:05 – nip, double nip

We all agree that we hate the ridiculous parachute-exchange routine that takes place in the airplane, but then, it does lead to a great Keanu line: “Are we gonna jump, or jerk off?” Keanu’s always trying to get straight to the action, just like in The Night Before, when he asked “Are we going to talk, or are we going to rock?” Sometimes you wonder if Keanu himself realizes all of these connections between his movies—did he read the script for Point Break and chuckle to himself when he got to the “jump or jerk off” line, thinking, “wow, that’s just like what I said to George Clinton three years ago”?

I feel like this is when Keanu’s characters start taking on that confident/young punkitude that we see again in Speed, in Devil’s Advocate (to name but 2)...

There is some doubt that Patrick is actually that spiritual—Matt says, “Oh, yeah, I’m all spiritual and deep…I’m a shit.” You can’t take it with you!

We get Keanucam for a second. Then they have a frame with him with a tank top and he is looking huuunk-y. We are digging on the hunkiness but also enjoying us some Gary Busey. Keanu does a nice little pirouette and we all note the almost dancelike quality of his physical movements.

This movie is really violent—I’m not sure we remembered just how violent it really is.

Quick note on the difference between Busey and Nolte. Nolte has never (and hopefully never will at this point) played Buddy Holly.

We’re thinking if someone really did basically skydove out of a plane from a few miles up, then didn’t pull the chute until 15 feet off the ground, they might actually die. Thusly, this might be one of 3.5 movies (Bogus Journey & Matrix & possible Matrix Revolting) where Keanu dies, then comes back to life.

4:41 – This is reminding me of Speed, in which there’s an ending, but then there’s another ending. Jeff rightly points out that this is much better than that extended ending on Speed, but here it just feels like they could have cut a lot of the half-hour that’s spent skydiving shots. We decide that Patrick and Keanu must have a lot of pent-up Youngblood anger to work out between them, or maybe Patrick decided way back then that he hated French Canadians. We all forgot about the mask floating in the water…

Keanu says “Vaya con Dios,” tying us back to Brotherhood (which we have never really been untied from)

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