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Tune in Tomorrow · 11/21/2006

7:56pm. Matt says I have never stayed awake for this film, but I protest, doth I. Yes, I doth. But I do like it regardless of status of awakedness. Does it seem like I am the only one klogging? Or working on the site? Or doing anything productive at all? Yes. The answer is YES!

Why judge who klogs more than whom?

‘Tis Matt and Matt shall klog more than all others.

For some reason, Matt believes he has klogged more than Jeff, but Jeff does not necessarily feel the same way. And now, right in the middle of all of this controversy, Matt and Caitlin sneak off presumably to discuss who has klogged more. Jeff doesn’t see how being out of the confines of the ‘Thon will help with the argument, but Jeff understands how stubborn Matt can be.

The one who wisely questions passing judgment on the klogging apparently does not want me to reveal that he is attempting to edit this klog. Personally, I feel I have well-klogged.

If I had a million dollars, I’d buy a prosthetic forehead to wear on my real head.

I just became friends with Caitlin on Facebook. It asked how we know each other, and I said we hooked up in 1991 and it was awesome!!! The funniest thing about this is that they would even have that as an option (granted the “awesome!!!” was my doing, but still).

So here’s the sad thing: this is the least amount of the movie I have seen in the last three years, and I have been fully awake for the entirety of the film. I just haven’t been paying attention. The ‘Thon is different this year — less attention, more… something else.

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