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My Own Private Idaho Spud · 06/24/2004

4:52pm – “My Own Private Idaho,” 1991

I’ve never seen this movie before. But I feel like I have – typically, when I ejaculate, houses drop from the sky. Fair to say neither happens very often.

Back to back movies filmed in Oregon. 2 in a row. I know my math.

Keanu was riding a motorcycle around, which of course ties in to his love of riding bikes. That is one of Keanu’s three passions: acting, music and bikes.

5:41pm – nip. Not that this movie isn’t all about seeing Keanu

5:50pm – Found a good frame for our picture with Keanu as he looks at himself in the mirror.

Much suggestive partage. Not that we didn’t have a lot to say about this movie, just feels like we were suitably wiped out after the “100% pure adrenaline” of “Point Break” – plus we weren’t sure Larry King endorsed this movie. We always feel so much more comfortable watching the movies with the Larry King stamp of approval emblazened upon them. I think maybe a little picture of Larry’s floating tiny head on the box cover, with either a giant smile or a giant grumbly frown would be enough to give us an idea what to think about a movie. It is always better to have those preconceived notions of what a film (or anything for that matter) should and will be (and was). Oh Larry. If only that smelly old fellow were here right now.

Back to back movies featuring Red Hot Chili Pepperrs band members (Flea this time) 2 in a row. I know my math.

Much MPL.

Having sat down to watch this before (last year for example), but never really watched this before – didn’t know it was based on Henry IV and that this was good. Of course you’ve got some of the greatest source material ever and Keanu (who I am fond of) and heaps of critical praise and Gus Van Sant (we’ll ignore the Psycho remake) – but it turned out alright. Without our desired Larry King stamp of approval it is always difficult to tell what to think of a movie, but he could have seen it & liked it & not written about it in his USA Today column (highly unlikely), because he does devote lots of ink to getting lost in his various houses in Aspen or whatever & much more ink to how “Dead Man On Campus” (substitute virtually any movie here, be it crappy comedy or crappy drama or crappy, crappy whatever) is one of the great films of all time and will win AT LEAST 4 Academy Awards (and be the first movie to win Oscars 2 years in a row, because it is THAT good) – but he could have seen it. And loved it. Lots. But without the STAMP on the box we never will really know. What a shame. And it really does seem like Larry’s kind of movie. Except better. You know Larry loves those feelgood movies. Definitely one of the feelgood movies of the ‘Thon.

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